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Mustang Shop ManualseBook Download of Ford Shop Manuals

Original Ford shop manuals are now available in downloadable electronic versions! These are exact reproductions of the original manuals, but now every time you ruin a page with an oil stain, you can just print another! And soon we'll be adding wiring diagrams, master parts catalogs, part and body illustrations, shop tips and shop manuals for Thunderbirds, Ford trucks and other Ford vehicles! Click on the image for a sample or follow the Shop Manuals link to the download page.

How to Restore Your Mustang

Brand new for the Mustang enthusiast. Finally a definitive guide to restoring your Mustang!

How to Restore Your MustangHow to Restore Your Mustang 1964-1/2-1973 is a hands-on how-to guide for restoring your first-generation Mustang. Enthusiast owners are shown how to turn a Mustang in need of restoration into a brilliant automotive jewel. While many previous restoration books have focused on authenticity and mostly overlooked the actual procedures for restoring a Mustang, this book breaks ground by detailing how to actually restore each major component group – chassis/suspension, brakes, steering, body, interior, and engine/drivetrain/differential. Check out the table of contents. It provides all the relevant challenges, expenses, drawbacks, and benefits a restorer will encounter, so the owner/restorer can decide whether to do the restoration work on their own or have it professionally done. The latest techniques and best restoration products for each system are revealed and discussed. It also provides the considerations for using replacement parts versus repairing the original parts. And it specifies how to make sensible upgrades that improve safety, performance, and convenience while not adversely affecting collector value. This book takes restoration instruction to a whole new level by providing comprehensive and insightful step-by-step instruction for many of the most important procedures of a restoration. Here's a short sample.