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To Paint or Not to Paint

The following is a list of some Mustang parts that SHOULD NOT BE PAINTED. These parts should be removed from the car prior to painting, but if that is not possible, they should be carefully masked. These items were originally either natural finish metal, light phosphate coating, or cadmium plated finish. They may have rust on them which will need to be removed by using SOS pads, sand blasting, or redi-stripping. Once cleaned they may be coated with a clear lacquer(this is not permanent as rust will return after a couple of years), painted with a natural finish or cast iron paint, replaced or re-plated.


Hood hinge (1964 & up)
Hood hinge spring (1965 & up)
Master brake cylinder
Gas pedal rod and linkage
Hood latch (hook part)
Hood latch stud (1965-6)
Hood catch bar (1967 & up)
Windshield washer nozzle
Steering gear box
Steering linkage
Emergency brake linkage
Brake and Gas lines
Ball joints
Hood mounted turn light body (1967-70)
Fuel Pump
Fan spacer
Carburetor spacer
Brake junction block
Oil pressure sending unit
Power steering bracket (1967-8)
Alternator bracket
Generator bracket
Clutch linkage
Bell housing
Shifter linkage
Windshield washer pump
Transmission cross member


Door latch striker plate


Trunk latch mechanism Gas tank filler pipe
Trunk latch assembly
Trunk catch
Trunk lock extension bar
Trunk lock spring
Gas tank
Tail light body


Licence plate light body
Drive shaft
Exhaust hangers
Rear spring shackles
Universal joint
Differential yokes